TDA7292 power supply


2019-10-09 7:41 pm

I'm making small amplifier based on TDA7292. I have bought IRM 60 24 power supply and this is where i don't know what to do. In TDA datasheet there are 2 circuits for dual and single supply. Which one should i use? I was thinking about single supply one all the time but my power supply has V+ and V- outputs, -V is GND?
Single and dual (Split) power supply is essentially the same. The only advantage is the omission of the output coupling cap, which theoretically extends the response to 0Hz. If you are skilled in audio, use the split version, if not, I suggest to use single supply and cap coupling, because of its inherent speaker safety.

Increase C9 and C10 to 2200µF or more.


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