TDA1541S1 demystified?

...I was looking for something else, but....

tda1541s1 - Google Patent Search

TDA1541S1 of Philips is known as a DAC performing digital/analog conversion with high accuracy and have therefore frequently been employed in various digital audio instruments such as a compact disk (CD) player and digital audio tape (DAT) recorder. It has been recognized that this DAC employs high-speed switching circuits to realize glitchless operation, requiring no deglitching circuit. However, the applicant has found by experiment that this DAC of TDA1541S1 still generates glitches of minute level according to certain rules related to input data.

Maybe we can improve other chips with intentional glitch ?

It won't be easy, code dependant ,channel dependant, yet inherently pleasant. :scratch2:
Interesting - in theory for a pure R-2R converter, which the TDA1541A is not. Other thing, it may work for NOS, but the patent refers to a digital filter, and sometimes to 8x OS. In that case there are no rectangular steps any more, just ringing.

I tried to visualize the switching artifacts, descibed here

but it is extremely hard to clearly identify any glitches, not to speak about measuring the amplitude thereof. More apparent is the unevenness of the steps, AKA linearity error.