TDA1541AS1 or S2 Sources


2002-09-20 7:20 am
Avoid TDA1541 without the A !

Same post as in the other topic about CS8412CP / TDA1541A and maybe useless info for some but nevertheless:

Tip: never buy TDA1541 without the A !!!

It is absolutely not comparable to the TDA1541A, TDA1541A/N5, TDA1541A/S1 or TDA1541A/S2. In fact it is bad news this one.The versions with A are the debugged devices.

TDA1541 ( without the A ) was meant to be used with a SAA7220P/A instead of the SAA7220P/B. After discovering errors in the design Philips revised the chip and it went on with the A behind its name. Same for the SAA7220 that got the B.
The extra N5,S1 and S2 indicate tighter specs. Especially the S1 and the S2. Socalled Silver Crown and Gold Crown.