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TDA1541A - Transformer for dvb-projekt

Hello Folks:

I am currently investigating a custom made transformer for Oliver's TDA1541A project (dvb-projekt) and wonder if the interest is good enough to warrant going ahead with this.
Here are the specifications, price and delivery:

Manufactured by Hammond
Primary 0-120V+0-120V (so it can also be wired for 220/240 European)
Secondary taps:
200-175-150-125-0-125-150-175-200 @ 160mA
0-11V @ 3A (3x +5 shunt, including 3.3V for Tentlabs mod)
0-11V @ 1A (-5 shunt)
0-19V @ 1A (-15V shunt
0-8V @ 2.5A (6.3V filament)

There should be adequate current to also go with a choke loaded supply if desired.
It will take about 5 weeks to get them made.

This can be an OPEN frame, or closed with end bells. It will have a static shield drain wire. The price will be around $95, and $5 from each will be donated to DIY Audio. Shipping cost from Edmonton, Alberta to most worldwide destinations by EMS post should be not more than $40, could be less, but I will confirm this.

I would need at least 8 interested to go ahead. Please post and let me know, thank you! Also indicate whether closed or open frame is preferable so I can get the right quote!

I guess you found your solution, out of interest what's your take for the analog part ? R core C core or toroid ? Usually I go for Amplimo and for this project a have a couple of Talemas (encapsulated) for digital part but I'm wondering if it's worth going for other brand or type.

I'm going strictly C core, but also should indicate I am using a separate chassis for all of the power supply, including the soft-start for the tube stage. I would have otherwise used something less radiating like R-core if in the same chassis.
The power coming into the DAC chassis is DC, ready for the shunt regulators, filament and HV supplies.