TDA1541 family


Hi tonu,
The S2 is even higher selection grade than the S1. It is also called "double crown". It is used in the top of the line model Marantz CD7.
S1 has one crown symbol printed on the iC and the S2 has two crown symbols printed on it.
Laws of statistics dictate that the S2 version is very rare in a population. It is very costly too if you can get one.:)
I've just borrowed (he's not getting it back) a TDA1541S1 from Troels and stuffed it into my reVox B226S instead of the "normal" TDA1541A.

The S1 is just sounds more natural and defined than the normal one. Not that the TDA1541A is bad the S1 is just better.

Flemming J P
Who has turned to the TDA1541S1 side....

Anyone got a S2 that I can borrow? :D


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2002-03-29 5:19 am
So, where these days does one purchase TDA1541's of any flavor (plain, S1, S2, etc.)? I know that a few years ago they could be purchased from Digi-Key but not any more. Since they are now "obsolete", where can one purchase them? Or do I need to haunt pawn shops for old players containing these?