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For Sale TDA1541(A)

Things you have for sale.

I'm collecting OLD CD players to salvage the DAC's for a next DIY project. I'm have some overstock which I'm willing to sell.
I have 2 TDA1541 + 2x TDA1541A.
All four are pulled from perfect playing Philips CD players. The 'A' versions I have from rather expensive Philips CD582's.

Price exl. shipping is: (prices updated 13/08/2023)
  • TDA1541: €30
  • TDA1541 R1 : €30
  • TDA1541A : €60/pc

Above pieces are very carefully desoldered from the PCB's, no bended pins or damage.
Have no idea what they are worth. The ones I'm finding on the internet are from questionable sources.



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Collecting TDA1541A's has become an ediction. Each second hand CD player with a TDA1541A interests me.
Some TDA's have been sold, some old "new" ones have been collected. All very carefully desoldered from OK tested CD-players.
Price: see first post


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