Tascam 52DB Reel to Reel Head section issues?

Hi All,

I would like to know if anyone knows the following. I have a Tascam 52 DB Reel to Reel Machine. The head section are exhibiting issues due to its age and use but I am trying to make the most of its current state.

Some of the rollers (ie. tension, pinch) are worn on one side, but luckily I am able to reposition it as it is held into position with a screw.

These lifters are different, I can't seem to figure out how to turn it so that I can use the good side.

These lifters lift the tape off the heads when fast forwarding and rewinding but because their worn, their practically sanding down the tapes causing all types of gunk to be on the heads and rollers.

I was thinking, maybe there is some sort of hack where I can just put a sleeve over it, but concerned the thickness might lift the tape off the heads during regular use.

Another option was to use fine sandpaper and try to smoothen it out, do you think this will work or just cause a massive mess of metal debris everywhere?

Is there a hack way of fixing this, without having to take it for service?

If not, is there a cheaper option as parts will not be easy to find. Can this lifter be re-machined whilst still being on the unit or does it need to be removed?

Based on the service manual, it looks like a 1 piece attached to something - 80, 81, 83?

If I do decide to remove the lifter myself (the head section looks like it could be removed as a single module and the lifter separately underneath it) and take it to a machining shop like a bearing or industrial repair store, would this be possible and would I likely need to calibrate the unit when re-assembling it, or simply screw everything back in place and it should be fine? I mean the heads look like a one piece unit.

Anyone ever had this issue before?

Any help appreciated!

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