TAS5630B Heatsink Question


2013-01-30 11:09 pm

I'm new to this forum so hello :) My first question is about a TAS5630B Class D Chip in TQFP64 package.

The datasheet says that the 2.2µF capacitors for decoupling the pvdd voltage needs to be as near as possible at the chip. It is also recommended to use at least 63V X7R ceramic types.

Now the problem / question. The TQFP64 package is about 0,95mm thin, the minimum of the capacitors is about 1,6mm so I can't place them near at the chip because I can't add the heatsink then because the caps are too thick.

A solution would be to place a silicon pad with about 1 - 1,5mm between the heatsink and the chip but this would isolate the chip from the heatsink. I wouldn't mind about it if the datasheet wouldn't tell me that I have to look for a good connection between heatsink and pcb ground (see pic. attached Note T3).

So do I need to ground the heatsink and does the thermal pad of the chip needs a ground connection?

Sorry for my bad english I hope you understand it ;-) Please do not tell me to use the other package of the chip… that is not the question - thanks :)

Regards and thanks in advance


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