Tannoy Dual variable distributed port system

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2006-02-16 10:49 am
From the manual..

"The low frequency output of the loudspeaker in the range of 25 to 100 HZ may be adjusted by operating the two sliding port openings on each side of the cabinet. Each port may be varied from fully open (full distributed port operation, both slides in upper position) to fully closed (infinite baffle or acoustic suspension operation, both port slides in the downward position). When both ports are fully open a very full rich bass response will be heard, when fully closed the bass response becomes more subdued. The correct setting is a matter for personal preference and local acoustic conditions. With one port open and the other closed the bass response will be 'level' and this position should be used for initial evaluation.

How to adjust the Variable Distributed Port System for your music in your room:

Loudspeaker in corner - Closed
Loudspeaker clear of wall - Open
Loudspeaker against wall - Either closed or One Open

The above suggestions are for guidance only. The music you listen to is also important - in general classical and light music will tend to sound more natural with the ports closed. Rock music will sound more exciting with one or both ports open. Experiment with your kind of music in your room. VDPS gives more choices of loudspeaker position in any room, this providing the opportunity to optimize placement for the best stereo effect.

The aural effect of the variable distributed port may not be obvious unless programme material contains bass frequencies within the band of 100 Hz."
Well, - I read that from the manual myself, and that was what lead me to speculate about a sort of variable aperiodic damping....
Just quite can't figure this being done with ordinary reflex ports..varying the opening, closing one or more ports...???

The larger Tannnoys have always been interesting to me, but it will be long time before I get a chance to listen to them these days...
only crappy chain stores left in my area <sigh>
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