Tannoy 609s - Self inflicted issue

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Got a pair of 609's Mk I and still working well. I lost one of the speaker connectors (or a child did!) and had to put another connector type on which over time has made that post come loose as it was not a good fit.

I have seen a pair of 609 Mk II crossovers on ebay. Can I just swap out my Mk 1 crossover for the Mk II.

I am not really sure what damage I have done, so otherwise I could just take the bits I need from the MkII?

Any help appreciated.
I suspect unlike the majority of members here I am not confident enough for that, swapping out an identical component (assuming mk1 and mk2 are identical) for the crossover seems achievable though.

Plus hopefully i can pick up the crossovers which are second hand for only a few quid.
Hmmm, ok, maybe a photo helps, here is the back of the mk 2, looks like the terminals have a solder weld and that is it? So I could take my 609 apart and have a look and see if it is similar...


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Looks like a bi-wire terminal. And it appears that installing new ones would just involve a nut driver… the soldering looks to be on a tab that gets bolted to the terminals. On the face of it i'd guess they are not standard ¾" spacing so you would need 8 individual terminals (best to replace them all). If they are ¾" spacing then 4 dual terminals

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

Dave, took back off, nut was loose on the back but am still missing the banana bit, terminals are 25mm apart, so looks like 8 individual terminals or ebay to find some parts to match the existing ones.

I assume terminals are no different 10 years old or new so whatever is cheaper?

Thanks for giving me the confidence to open her up anyway!


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What is the obsession with the mk II x/o's ? it is pointless.
Just fix your speakers, it can't be hard at all, I imagine.

rgds, sreten.

Take it easy on the noob! ;)

My experience of speakers extends to the screwdriver in my hand and ends there, I did not know if it was going to be easier just to replace the whole crossover. I had no idea it would be as easy as a nut and bolt!
So I ended up buying some 2nd hand Tannoy 609II crossovers. They arrived and look in excellent condition, better than my 609 ones.

So am thinking of a small diy, swap out my old 609 crossover for this one and see how that sounds?

Is it as simple as unscrewing the driver and tweeter and I will find 4 connectors, yellow blue green and brown!?


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I wish I had your Xover in my hands right now. I'd have it fixed in two minutes. :D Just buy a nice quality Speaker Banana binding post from an Electronic supplier or even Ebay and fit it to where the old one was. (use a socket to tighten it). It will not match the others but will work perfectly. Then you are using the original Xover and all is well.
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