Tangband W3-881 MLTL build

We'll I've been reading up on all the single fullrange MLTL using the now sold out tangband 3" and really got hooked on how good these little guys can sound.

I had 8 of these in two sealed cabs. No calculations and with a helper tweeter all firing forward. So with the eyes rolling of the Mrs. I tore them apart to build a push-push bipole with 2 firing forward and 2 firing backward all in phase and the helper tweeter out of phase facing the wall.

The tuned port is hidden and down-firing.

I have to give the credit to xrk971 for the calculations because mine were way off! Thanks again X

Well here she is and what it replaced.


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The inside dimensions are 8.5"d 5"w 40"t T had enough room underneath to make the port external of the box and it measures 2"x5"x3.7long.

Overall outside it is 9.5"d 6"w and 48"t

The drivers are placed 1/3 down the enclosure and it is stuffed 2/3 down with the bottom being left open over the port. I stapled an old scrap of speaker grill cloth at 26" to prevent all the stuffing from falling down.


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This thing sounds so good and I haven't even monkeyed around with yet. 5 min of listening. After this write-up I will go enjoy it.

Bad thing is now I have to gut my other tower to build a matching enclosure. I can't wait to hear it then.

The old one just sounds dead compared to this one. Kudos to X! In this case the box does really makes all the difference in the world.

Thanks to all your guys write ups on the MLTL for the little tangband that could.


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Well you still have Sunday to build the matching channel:) very nice work Ryan! And I am glad it sounds good, because it was designed with the Accidental Mass Loaded Transmission Line (AMLTL) technique, and being 'accidental', I am glad it turned out to be a happy accident. :Dhttp://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/231951-accidental-mltl-technique.html. If you have a microphone and Holmimpulse, a freq response measurement would be great to see. If you think one sounds good, in stereo it will be very very nice. Thanks for giving my design a try.

Sorry X I don't have any actual scientific means to measure the response. I usually just ask the better half. haha

About the tweeter, I have it crossed high @ 6K and out of phase. It sounds very nice @ at sitting distance. Should I bother trying it in phase with the other drivers? From what I've read on the forums out of phase is the way to go on rear firing.

I'm going to flip the recliner up and start having a through listen with a celebratory beverage in hand
If you buy a cheap microphone like the Panasonic WM61a capsule, download Holmimpulse onto your PC with soundcard and you are set to do freq response measurements. But you are right, the auditory judgement of our better halves beats any mic any day. How does the bass guitar sound on this? Are you getting all the lower notes?

I don't know anything about tweeters firing backwards. Try both ways if you are unsure.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, albeit, in mono. ;)
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Thanks for the kind words yepvegas.

Well I got the other tower put together this afternoon. Stereo bipole front speakers is something I've never heard before. I like it! The sound just fills up the room but it still has left to right imaging. Really loving them so far.

Oh and X they must get down a bit because I had a friend stop over and thought I had a helper sub on. Said nope just 8 little 3"er's! He was blown away.
They will look real nice with grills. What color are you staining them with? Similar to your previous sealed towers? Looks like a real fun project - can't beat the sound you are having for $100 in materials (not including the tweeters). Have you tried listening without the tweeters connected? Just curious how the highs work without it - I hear these drivers actually have a pretty good top end by themselves. Another question is do you find that the bipole configuration pretty much eliminated the need for baffle step compensation?
I'm staining them the same color as the old towers as per the Mrs. direct orders.

I was running them direct without bsc in their last setup so i'm sure they would have benefited with one, but the bipole must be doing its job. I did find distance from the wall did seem to affect them.

I messed with the helper tweeter. In phase out of phase and off. So far i've settled on out of phase. Although they do sound good without a tweeter, the little bump of the really high freq off the wall really does help to my ears.

Looks like maybe next weekend i'll get to teat them down for staining. many kids activities.
Well I've been listening to the speakers and really enjoying them. Black crowes Dire Straits and such sound excellent through them. But then on the flip side so does Rob Zombie. The boys like when I crank him up.

Building the grills as we speak and hope to have the towers stained this weekend.

I was looking at this HiVi speaker for a bipole tower just 2 on each side with maybe a super tweeter to help the top.

The Madisound Speaker Store
It has a pretty low fs so it should be able to fill in the low end nicely. The reverse facing tweeter augmenting the highend would probably be necessary I agree which would technicallly make it a 2 way system.

You can't argue with the price. $100 for 4 of them. If it doesn't work build some small cubes and tell the boy enjoy your new speakers for your room.
Well they're finished! Got the enclosures stained and the grills made. Still trying to like the red/brown grill cloth. Might just have to go back to good ol black. I will let it go for now.

I can't stop listening to these little guys.

X thanks again for all your help with the specs!


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