Tangband W3-593SF in Fonken enclosure


2010-12-16 12:24 pm
This is my first post on this forum. I got here while searching for a good cabinet for a couple of drivers I have here.
I got these out of some Logitech Z5500 satellites, originally Tangband W3-593SF. This forum has lots of suggestions and designs but one caught my eye. It's a fonken design by planet-10HiFi.

Thread mentioned: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/155032-can-3-tb-w3-593sf-fonkenized.html

I found no experiences of the builder. I would like to use these as small monitors next to my PC. What could I expect from these ? Is it necessary to add a notch filter ?

Thank for your replies.

I built a pair of mTan-Kens with the w3-926sd as gifts once. I used a notch filter and really liked them. Unfortunately, I can't remember what, exactly it was, but there are plenty of friendly people here who can give recommendations.


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2010-12-16 12:24 pm
Guess I'll give it a try and will build the enclosure. The wood doesn't cost that much and it's time well spent.
If this satisfies me I'll add a tripath amp to it to have active monitors.
I have no experience with building a notch filter, do you have recommendations ?


2005-11-01 1:00 am

I just ran across this thread while looking to see what others have done with the Tang Band W3-926SD.

John K. has an excellent article about a closed-box mini system that he designed for the HI-VI B3S. He considers a notch filter necessary for his system, and does give some details about it. Perhaps reading that article would help you in deciding on the need for a notch filter.

Wish that he had gone into greater detail, but you take what you can get.