TangBand full range drivers

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Continuing the discussion about full range driver arrays.
I bought 30 pieces of the TangBand paper cone W3-319S drivers with the intent of building a pair of full range arrays. James R. Griffin has a very nice paper on arrays. Go to: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gte929u/LinusWP.pdf

My data that I ran of 5 different samples of the 3½" TangBand W3-319S paper cone fullrange driver, using the PartsExpress Woofer Tester.
I did not break in any of them.

Qts .6585 .7290 .7032 .7003 .6965
Qes .7183 .7954 .7647 .7613 .7573
Qms 7.908 8.738 8.738 8.727 8.672
fs 116Hz 115Hz 105Hz 105Hz 106Hz
Le .297mh.451mH.427mH.155mH.426Mh

Voice coil resistances of 5 different samples, not in same order as Woofer Tester, used FLUKE 87 meter.
DC ohms 5.97 6.02 6.06 6.12 6.23

My guess is that the Le parameters were dependent on where exactly the voice coil was in relation to the gap, Cones might have sagged some during storage or shipment. I did not run Vas because of not having a suitable or small enough test enclosure.

I originally intended on 12 drivers per side, but have since scaled it back. I currently plan on something like 6, 7, or 8 drivers per side. Something smaller and more intimate. Anyway I struggled for quite some time trying to decide which enclosure (alignment) to use with these drivers. These drivers produce little or no bass, and the EBP does not look on favorably for a bass reflex alignment. My current enclosures are almost finished except for cutting out the baffle driver holes. Later I'll be adding a super tweeter either on the back or top. The enclosures are plenty big enough to accomondate all the drivers. Several (too many) series/parallel wiring options. Don't know if I'll go with constant power to all the drivers or if maybe I'll power taper/bessel the array. Currentlyleaning towards 6 drivers because that will give me the option of 4, 8 and 9 ohms. Basically my enclosures are 51" tall by 6½" wide by 7" deep. Front baffle is only about 4" wide though because I have 45 degree beveled pieces at the two front corners. Back and sides are three quarter MDF and front and front bevels are five eights MDF. I covered inside the back and sides completely with one layer of the peel and stick type of sound deadening sheet. Then topped this with one layer of fissured acoustical ceiling tile.
My enclosures were built basically so that they would allow me to try it as a straight pipe, open either at only one end or both. But if it does not turn out good, I'll seal up(closed box)the enclosures.
Aargh, your the reason the 319s's are on backorder! (or at least a contributing factor) ;)

why have you scaled it back so much (you already have the drivers)? To be a proper line source you need to stretch it nearly to the cieling to approach the illusion of infinity no?

Anyhow sounds pretty cool, definately keep us posted on the progress I am very interested to see how it comes out.

BTW that line array paper is excellent help.
Nope, not me.

I bought 30 pieces from Jeff Glowacki (aka SONIC CRAFT) before MCM started carrying them. I think he had hoped to be the sole distributor in USA. He was going to sell them for $15 a piece. But TangBand dealt him a backhand or MCM undercut him. Anyway he got pissed and liquidated all his stock. I bought 3 lots of 10 pieces for $7 a driver $210.
I only have 26 drivers remaining. These TangBands sound real nice, but there are quality control problems with some of them. I had to reject some of them because of peeling surrounds or other cosmetic defects. I had a friend run frequency responses with DLSA. Some were good, some were not as good. I had bought some sonotubes and was going to do them up big. But I procrastinated a bit, then I changed my mind. I've seen and heard a couple of big arrays. Building a large array that looks nice turned to be more of a challenge than just building them.
I am going to segregate the better ones and do something like a mini line. Hope to have a few leftovers as replacements etc.
A new distributor/seller for Tangband is in Canada at:


We are going to tinker with a CURVED 15 driver vertical array of the Tangband w3-593s ($11 ea. + assorted Canadian taxes and shipping in 100 lots) using a SINGLE tweeter in the center crossed over at about 3K, first order. Efficiency in the mid-band will be about 100db (2.83v in) and power handling of about 225watts continuous.

This arrary(s) will be used in a tri-amplified system with a low frequency crossover point of about 110Hz. Low pass will be fourth order and high pass second order. The second order high pass will mate with the second order high pass of the enclosed array giving a fourth order high pass. There will be about 4db of shelving to compensate for roll-off due to the narrow enclosure. Bass will be handle by 4 12" woofers per channel.

We expect the following results:

A very small sweet spot (about 2") on 2 axes.
Very high resolution (only in the sweet spot).
Ability to play very loud with minimal thermal compression.

I will post the results if anyone is interested. And of course if anyone has comments or suggestions, please offer them.
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