Tang Band W6-1611 in BIBs

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Hi. Ive had my W5-1611s for some time now, breakin them in in cardboard boxes. This weekend I got to some work done in the hobby shop we have in my apartment building. Baffle + back is cut to size, holes routed and today I hope to find some time to work on the sides panels and internal baffle

Im between jobs at the moment so budget only permits me to make do with scrap wood. The baffle and back will be in 19mm hardwood and the sides in 16mm low density MDF. For the internal baffle Im gonna use 30mm medium grade foam. The idea is that it will dampen some of the upper bass

Heres some pix of the project:
- Cardboard box break in
- Dry runs for the routing


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Resonant is OK providing it's not within the functional BW of the enclosure -the -3dB mass corner of the 611SA according to the spec. sheet is 200Hz, so you don't want much output above that anyway (admittedly, it's not possible to be forensically accurate with a pipe-horn like the BIB, but suitably damped it should be rapidly falling above ~that region). Adding some bracing sounds like a good call with that particleboard etc.; should help push the panel resonance up out of the way.
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Hi everyone. Thanks for ur tips and suggestions. Ive runs some test tones and music in the workshop. Next doors is a noisy laundry room. Not ideal but what can u do.

There seems to be resonances round 110Hz and Ive downloaded some more test tones so maybe i can pinpoint the frequency better. Most of the resonances occur near the speaker - no surprice I guess, both on the baffle and the sides. Its definitely muddling the vocals - not very fullrangeish

In the pre test tone phase I used my knuckles to locate the major resonances and then braced that part with 6 mm flower pins. Gonna brace some more right near the speaker

Regards /Bo
On vacation now in Puerto Rico. Sunny, warm, humid and everything that sweden isnt this time of year. Lovely.

I got a two hours worth of listening while packing. Low bass is wicked, smooth, effortless. Theres some graininess in the upper mids I didnt detect in the old cardboard boxes but Im suspecting the Lepai amp. It veils the soundstage a bit and takes the joy out of the treble region

Heres a pic I took just before I left

Edit: THe internet wont let me upload the pic. Heres a link instead
https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Photos/W5-1611 BIB/IMG_0686.jpg?w=5a67fb98
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I#m thinking about some W5-1611-BIBs but I can't find plans or dimensions!
Where cane I find some?

Hi. Sorry for the late reply but Ive been on vacation. I just typed the speakers data into Godzillas spreadsheet Bigger Is Better 'BIB' Cabinet Dimensions - ZillaSpeak

The one speaker parameter I changed was Fs by a factor of roughly 0.707. Also added some depth to account for the 30mm foam internal baffle. Listening to them now. Still some tweaking left but overall theyre great.

Best regards /Bo
any update on sound?


Hi Gychang. Ive experimented a lot with different dampings and I think its pretty much okay now. Theres still a hint of double notes in the bass. Mostly noticeable on movie soundtracks where male voices have been amped up in the lows. On music I can barely hear it.

Ive modded the Lepais with beefier inductors, bypassed the preamp/eq and added 22 ohm resistors between the amp and the speakers. All of wich makes for improvements in their own way. I have an APPJ mini tube amp on order, due to arrive next week. Should be yummy :)

Best regards /Bo
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