Tall subs with a long read.

Ok I will give you a insight here.

A customer brought these cabinets to me for a project he is doing for his HT room.
Each cabinet is CNC left overs from a project I have of his as well Tower line arrays.(9 G1 ribbons and 12 Accuton drivers as mids above 4 TC12 subs.And that is perside.

Back to these subs.
They are using the Aura 18" driver that Northcreek sold a few years ago.
Each cabinet is 2.5"-3" thick MDF complete.

With all the pieces left over from the line array project the customer wanted to see what he could make out all of these pieces.Well why not a large sub cabinet.
At the CNC shop they had this bright idea to bolt all the pieces together with long lag bolts.
Well not a bad idea if you can apply that same pressure all around the cabinets but as you see in the photo you can not put them in the front as that is were your driver cut out goes.

Well they also sat outside (covered are) but still in British Columbia weather we are talking humidity!
After 24 hrs in the shop after we got them.Take a guess what happened to them.
Can you say cracks city.And the cracks got larger and larger as they shrunk in areas.
Well we let them sit for 2 months did not touch them at all.To let them crack.
Then we tighened all the bolts to a even but not tight pressure.Put the tops and bottoms on the cabinets and let them sit for another week.And yes you got it more cracks showed up.
Nothing by this point I did not expect.

Well after a little more time to settle the cracks almost and I mean almost quit.
Well we then had to look at the mess we were given from the CNC shop.
A lot of filling was needed.
Can you say 3 gallons of Bondo.Just to make them flat.
As they(CNC) shop used a belt sander to remove the glue well they also removed just a little MDF as well.
So we found it best to just mix up the Bondo and pour it on one side at a time even coat across the edge and use a piece of MDF to trowel it on.
Well this was repeated ever side.Once done then sanded smooth.
Then we clade them with another layer of 1/2" MDF.This was to healp seal them as well as give us a clean surface for paint.(customers request)as he did not want to see them in his roomKind of hard not to.

Once they were clad,filled sanded and then came the part of cutting out the driver holes and port holes.
Then install all the Prop nuts ,line them with a few 2 cases of the PE foam.

Then on to paint.3 coats of Black flat Latex.
Then on to my Truck Bed liner spray.
Only used up 12 cans at $8.95 per can.

Once dry the moving company was called.Yes a moving company and still was hard to get a company to just move 2 cabinets.
Final weight 385lbs each as they went out the door.

Then after they were deivered to the new home we installed the PE posts.

Wired up the 18" drivers put them in place, stood them up.And put a few tones threw them.

Once the complete design is finished I will be happy to give you all a shot of them.

Picture this
9 G1 ribbons in a curved cabinet.This cabinet filled with sand.
12 Accuton drivers
Another curved stack of pannels filled with sand.
Under these go 4 TC12 in a IB sub in a zig zag layout.

Then in the rear of the room goes the 2 cabinets mentioned above.
42" tall X 26" wide X 32"depth


Just curious, how much to those suckers weigh? My sealed boxes for my Avalanche 18's easily come to 90-100 pounds empty, and thats only 1.5" thick...I can only imagine having to move those things...

Edit: My bad for not reading the post completely...but still it'd suck to drag nearly 400 pounds around...