taking DAC for Gainclone from Sony 57ES DAT recorder?

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Iam building a Gainclone amp with Peter Daniels kit. I want to add a DAC to it. Right now iam using a sony 57 ES DAT recorder for that purpose (engine broke) and Iam quite happy with that. I would like though to extract the parts that I need and build it in my GC. I have the schematics, but it looks kind of complicated because everything is on one board right now. Is it al all possible to do this, and if so, what is the best way to approach such a thing?

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ok.. found a simplified schematic... looks doable to me or am I being newbee optimistic? Purple seems to be the way to go... I think I can skip the LSI since it is:

"IC 307 DAT Signal Processor. CXD2601Q. This processor is an LSI to process record and playback signals of the R-DAT system, in a single chip and provided with digital PLL, modem, error correction circuit, digital I/O, RAM control circuit, etc"

(... and why does a DAT recorder need a modem?)

So that would mean: from input to fader, to filter, to da converter?


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how do you propose to 'take it out' without killing it? also I get the feeling you would need the CPU for some reason, its routines are most likely all controlled by that and it will not work without it. also, why not take the coax input? its transformer coupled, should be better than optical. I do not think you can do without the LSI
to process record and playback signals of the R-DAT system, in a single chip and provided with digital PLL
so this seems to indicate that the LSI contains the clock, contains the digital input and output decoding and controls the read write access to the RAM. yes I believe you are being as you say 'newbie optimistic'

the modem was probably just a way to communicate with the host computer via serial
i think, the modem is for converting digital data to analog data (tones) that can be recorded to tape... correct me if im wrong ;)

you may well be right, but isnt DAT a fully digital device? isnt it just a magnetic tape that has digital data encoded onto it? that was what I thought, dat was used for data backup on computers to, cant picture them using tones. i'm just guessing though with regard to the modem bit


2010-08-01 12:55 pm
As other have said you wouldn't be able to just strip it down like that. The CUp will still be required. Also any parts that talk to the cpu will most likely cause a fault code if removed thus stopping operation.

If you wish to continue to use the dac. Your best option would be to mount the hole lot in the case for the GC.