Tactile Transducers

I have been thinking that a few tactile transducers may be a neat way to add a little pizzaz to the home theater experience.

I think I'll probably use some LM3886's in the datasheet recommended circuit.

And I am not sure about transducers yet. I found some by Stanford Acoustics for $36can ($24usd) each at Q-components
http://www.q-components.com/ (page 40 of the catalogue)

I was going to build all of the amps (4 to 6 of them) into a single enclosure, with seperate power switches, adjustable low-pass filters and volume controls.

Has anyone here completed a project like this? What transducers did you use? What amps? Any comments?

Any info is greatly appreciated.
well, i haven't done any DIY transducers, but i do have some commercials ones, and they are GREAT. for home theatre, they beat a sub hands down. mine can get down to about 5hz. (yes, i can see a few of you guys shaking their head. but seriously, they dont produce sound, just vibration, and at 5hz, they have output).

im using a 30watt mono amp for 2. transducers dont use much wattage, but they draw some juice still... i have a little fosgate mono block on them, and at full power, they dim the lights on my house (lights NOT on same outlet...). just build a very efficient, lower powered amp, and you will be fine.