TA2022 Availability


2012-12-02 11:40 pm
Hi All - Has Tripath gone out of business? Is there no authorized distributor in the US to buy TA2022? I have found a local supplier with stock of 600pcs with mfr certs but I dont want to buy a huge lot if these are still being produced and the counterfeit ratio is low...if they are discontinued, I will buy them


2006-05-03 10:43 am
Where have you been?

"2007 – Jason Rhode, formerly vice president and general manager of Cirrus' Mixed-Signal Audio division, is named president and chief executive officer, replacing French who resigned in March. In July, Cirrus Logic acquires Apex Microtechnology, a provider of high-power products for industrial and aerospace markets. Cirrus Logic acquires audio chip company Tripath after they went bankrupt."