T0-3 Alumina or Be insulators

Peter Daniel said:
Proably because most of those BeO pads "have been already disposed at the nearest chemical disposal center" ;)

You got me there Peter ;)

The problem is that I'm getting somewhat desperate as I can't seem to find anything that just smells like alumina T0-3 insulators and thought that it may be possible to find the BeO version instead.....it's not that I like the idea of BeO in anything if I could avoid it.

Magura :)
And work better than TO3 silicon's or mica insulators on class A amplifiers.
I measured temperature difference when i used them for lateral Hitachi Mosfets in class A amplifiers.
Look cleaner too, if you wipe excess thermal grease off.
btw: price in 1990 was 0.90 euro for 1 at the same shop.

let me know if you have trouble ordering, i have an account there for like 20 years.
(i call myself a Pro-diy, sort of like workhorse :clown: )
when i am finished doing Leach stuff, i need to order a whole lot of MPC71 resistors from them for Aleph's and Zen's.
(dead cheap at Burklin's, imo)