System problem - CD shuts off - blown amp


2010-08-29 10:06 pm
I am having a problem with my Technics system. When I play the CD player, it shuts off after around 15 seconds, and it shuts off the receiver, too. I can't turn either of them back on for a few minutes (I don't bother turning the CD player back on). I can play the radio (the receiver) okay. I hooked up an amp (Technics SU-V85A that I just got), and it blew out after a couple of minutes of playing a CD - bad smell, shut off. No the amp has a burning smell when I turn it on, and there's no output anymore.

Can a bad CD player component cause this, and could it blow out an amp?

1. Technics SA-160 Quarts Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Receiver (with volume control and 5 band equalizer)
2. Technics CD Changer, SL-PD845
3. Infinity RS 325 speakers (2)
[4. Technics SU-V85A Stereo Integrated Amplifier, Class AA, VC-4 Amplifier System *blew out just after hooking it up, as described above]