Synergy. Different approach.

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Here it is.
Some of you probably knows Dima TDA Audio. It's an engineer in Russia who use to clone some of the top loudspeakers for PRO market. For years he disassembled hundreds of them, did the reverse engineering, and then began to build his own.
He got lot's measurement equipment and the small factory now.
So the guy is very experienced.

Bellow is his vision of point source.
He think that it's the midrange is critical, not the high frequency. And it should be as open/direct as possible.
He tested tens of the midrange transducers and has concluded that the 4" CD with cellulose or carbon membranes is the way to go from 500hz to 8,000hz. And only then you add tweeter or two. The port for it could be bent in some way cose it's not that critical in such high frequencies.
"It was important to get TWO-SOUND STREAM that they do not interfere with each other, phase coherent... physically time aligned drivers , fold it correctly and are equivalent it in pressure."

It's the 11-th prototype, he still working on it and it's complicated..
What you guys think about it?


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