switching power supply question


2018-09-03 11:02 pm
hi can anybody who is familiar with these power supply s on ebay and the like link ([NEW] 500W +/-35V Amplifier Switching Power Supply Board Dual-voltage PSU Audio | eBay ) could tell me if its possible to change the voltage output (this one is set for 35v ) as you can see there is a voltage ladder with solder holes,i have seen similar on other low voltage modules to change voltage options , i cannot find a schematic for this unit ,it would be handy to have one power supply that is variable for testing different amplifier units without buying several of these units thanks


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The silk-screened stuff is for marking the pcb with the voltage for that pcb with a marker pen - the voltage is fixed by component values (presumably the transformer winding and a resistive divider somewhere on the board). All those "solder holes" (pads) are for the secondaries of the transformer, for 12 and 15V aux supplies as well as main high power output.

In theory the seller may sell several versions of this board at different voltages, or some other sellers may.
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