Sweet! (Bag End InfraSub)

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Bag End ELF technology comes home with the brand new InfraSub 12, FLAT DOWN TO 8 HERTZ! I never thought I'd read that about a subwoofer. When I finally have a house, I'll have to get me one of these! (It's self-powered with a 400-watt amplifier and a built-in ELF integrator (active EQ).

Gee, I just found out there's a BAM magazine. I'll bet that's right up my alley.

Anyway, now you don't need to buy a big pro-sound rig to get 8-Hz rumblings in your house. BAG END's reputation preceeds it, no doubt, with talk of tight, tuneful bass.

Someone needs to get a powerful amp and a driver to handle that power, and an ELF-1 integrator, and make a project like this.
Hey BAM,

Just a word of warning.

It dangerous to your health to operate a sub below 10Hz....... between 2-4Hz the resonant frequency of the human body is reached and well the rest ... well the rest lets just say it aint pretty!!!

@ 6-8Hz internal bleeding can be caused
@below 10Hz most people suffer nausea
Grey there are a few cases each year of people dying from exposure to infrasound.... it might not be seen very often but the risk is very real. Actually, the effects of infrasound were quite well known and accepted back 20 odd years ago when some of the movie theatres began to have subsonic actuators fitted in the seats .... many many people suffered adverse side effects...
8 hz is nice and all, but good luck hearing anything other than your floor vibrating. Seems interesting that it can go flat to 8 hz with only a 400 watt amp and a 12 inch driver, eq or no eq. I hope the transients aren't horrific like some other ELF-based (or equivalent) I've heard. IMO, a lot of them sound like "one noters".

(BTW, I finally got a chance to run some test tones through my sub. Yep, I got the 16hz tuning point right, and (go figure) my room resonates horribly between 12-16 hz, and then starts to calm down below that. Didn't get any SPL measurements, but driving the Shiva with about 180 watts, I split a picture frame, the sub walked about 2 feet away, and the tube in my PC monitor shifted)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.