swapping out tip41b to tc5200?

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Hello everyone, new guy here and man am I glad this place is here. I'm new to diy audio and just got into trying class a amp builds. I need help.

When swapping the tip41b's on this jlhood 1969 2 chan amp, which side does the 5200 and the tta1943 go in relation to each other and can this be done without changing any other components? I thought 4 5200's was supposed to do the trick as the 4 tip41b's it come with are the same....the first 470uf cap popped trying to set the Q..

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You don't get more power or much improvement just by replacing the power transistors of any amplifier. This is a downsized, headphone amp version of JLH's 1969 class A amp that could possibly do 4W RMS max with a suitable preamp.

It needs appropriate voltage rated components like the capacitor that failed, and the driver transistor, if you want to use it with a 33V supply which is absolute max. recommended with high impedance speakers. You'll also need BIG heatsinks and a power supply that's good for 4A DC continuous. Read the TCAAS article hosted at the ESP website for all JLH's details of the original designs and more.

You really needed to buy the standard 10-15W JLH kit in the first place.
For transistor information, refer to the manufacturers datasheets. Google is your friend and there are heaps of sites offering free data datasheet downloads for most transistors.
e.g. ttc5200 en datasheet 090713.pdf PDF datasheet. ALL TRANSISTORS DATASHEET. POWER MOSFET, IGBT, IC, TRIACS DATABASE. Electronic Supply. INNOVATION CATALOG. Service

In brief:
2SCXXXX or TTCXXXX identifies an NPN transistor.
2SAXXXX or TTAXXXX identifies a PNP transistor.
To be complete for Japanese transistor part numbers:

2SA - pnp high frequency
2SB - pnp low frequency
2SC - npn high frequency
2SD - npn low frequency
2SJ - p-channel FET
2SK - n-channel FET

The 2 means 3 leads (well, actually 2 junctions), S means silicon. The "2S" part is sometimes omitted, or exchanged for a manufacturer prefix.

Don't confuse with the 2N.... numbering scheme, where the 2 has the same meaning, but the N means nothing.
I def am a bit behind in all this but I won't give up. So I had already bought the 5200 sets and installed them. I was doing this on account of advice saying they are better all around especially for heat handling etc. I have 2 smaller jlh based amps that do a nice job so I wanted to go a little bigger. Can I use the 5200's on that board? And any suggestions for a better amp/kit than this?
Oh and btw I was using a 12 volt psu when attempting to start setting the mid and Q, started with the q first. The ampmeter went past 2.8 amps real quick and was able to let go intime so I turned the pot back to lower it and had no change, it would shoot up to the mid 2amps and and on the 3 attempt the very first cap blew...so this is where I stand now.
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