SVS Prime Elevation Clone Project

Ok, I'm building some SVS Prime Elevation type speakers for my system. I know they won't be nearly as good as SVS, but I really like the look and concept of them. Originally I had the Pyle PDMR5's, but I just ordered the FaitalPro 5FE100's because they get down lower. I'm using Tang Band 847's for the tweets. I bought a 2K crossover. With the PDMR5's they sound pretty good just open air. I'm still on the fence with ported or sealed enclosure. Dimensions will be something like 6 inches wide, 9.5 inches high, 4-5 inches on the low side of the triangle and 6-8 inches on the other side. Thoughts? Am I on the right track?
Actually you could do better for less money tbh.

This is my first project of this type. I probably should of asked before on driver selection and what not, but I already have the parts. My HT is a Denon AVR 710w and my front speakers are Pioneer SP‑BS22‑LR along with the center and sub. Wife didn't want the largish Pioneers for the walls so I'm trying to go with something smaller.