SVC to DVC conversion

Hello All,

Does anyone have a guide to calculating equivalent T/S parameters for modeling DVC drivers?

Some datasheets annoyingly only list the parameters for one coil...

Looking for something like the following:

Parameter 1 Voicecoil ParConfig SerConfig
BL 1 2 2
Re 1 0.5 2
Le 1 0.5 2
Vas 1 ? ?


any help much appreciated!



eheheheee... so i suppose this thread is a good example of how to make a fool of oneself ... my grade-school teachers always said i was unusually prone to thoughtless error ;)

my reasoning neglected the additional EM force generated by the coil, excuse me.

parameters of your RF woofer in various connection configurations.

thanks.. now after thoughtfully checking your pdf, i think its fair to say that the coils in parallel should have an Le of 1mH instead of 2mH, correct?