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Ok, I have got the survey software installed, now to pick some questions.

Let me know your thoughts on these questions, please let me know if you have any more.

Please note that this will be an <b>anonymous</b> survey.

<b>Do we need more moderators?</b>
* lots
* just a few
* no it's fine as it is
* no, get rid of them already!

<b>How have the moderators performed so far?</b>
* They Sucked
* They do OK
* They're great

<b>Should there be an editing time limit?</b>
* yes [enter how long]
* no

<b>Should the site have an FAQ?</b>
* yes, and it should be maintained by the members, like a <a href="">Wikki</a></b>
* yes, but it should be static
* no

<b>Should there be rules?</b>
* yes [what rules?]
* no

<b>Should there be guidelines?</b>
* yes [what guidelines]
* no

<b>What do you think about these guidelines?</b>
* Please search before posting
* please start new threads in the correct forum
* please keep to the topic of the thread
* please avoid inflamatory and derogatory comments
* please respect intellectual property rights
[good, ok, bad] options for each

<b>Should there be a post count?</b>
* Yes
* No

<b>Should there be titles under people's names?</b>
* Yes
* No

<b>Should people be able to edit their own title?</b>
* Yes, but only after they get to 100 posts or have been a member for 6 months
* Yes, but only after they get 10 posts or have been a member for 1 month
* Yes, anytime
* No

<b>Do you have any suggestions for new user titles?</b>
[enter suggestions]

<b>Should people be able to upload pictures to sit under their name?</b>
* Yes
* No

<b>Did you know you could do this right now?</b>
* Yes
* No

<b>If there was instructions on how to do this would you upload your own picture</b>
* No, I wouldn't feel comfortable about it
* No, and I think it would ruin the text based feel of the forums
* Yes, I think it's a good idea
* I don't like pictures, they slow down my surfing

<b>What do you like most about this forum?</b>
[enter reason]

<b>What do you dislike the most about this forum?</b>
[enter reason]

<b>What new forums would you like to see set up?</b>
[enter new forum names]

<b>Any other comments you would like to make?</b>
[enter comments]

<b>Do you think this survey is too long?</b>
* Yes
* No
My thoughts

The survey looks good to me! (And no, I don't think its too long) The only thing I would add would be a 'Don't care' option to some of the yes/no questions, mostly because there are some options that I don't really care about whether they exist or not. Other than that, it looks great!

Okay, I lied, one thought just hit me (and no, it didn't hurt) why not add an OPTION to allow the person say who they are, that way if there is a question on something, it can be discussed with the individual. (I personally try to avoid saying anything anonymously that I wouldn't say normally)

That's really it this time... I'm hitting the submit button now...
I interpret it as: Rules are enforced, either by the software, the moderator, or the community. Profanity and abuse are examples. Guidelines are only enforced by the community and only after repeated offences. Not searching before asking a question, or bumping your posts might be examples.
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