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Surprising speaker find for SPP


2010-11-01 3:24 am
I found these speakers at good will for a paltry $8...almost walked away, but for $8? They're Philips MCD708....4 ohm. I hooked them to my SPP EL86 tubed, Antec PS transformer, Sansui 1000 tube receiver output transformers. Very nice, detailed sound...so good I'll keep them in my system. I was also surprised at the bass extention. They're a ported 5 inch main with a ribbon tweeter. More like a 3 inch dish with a surround.
Now my Sansui outputs have on 8,16,32 ohm outputs and these are 4 ohm speakers . So I hooked to the 8 ohm taps, and no overheating so far. I'm wondering if this EL86 higher current setup is what's responsible for the great sound? These speakers were originally part of a complete class D setup sold through Costco...and others. There are 8 ohm and 6 ohm variants of the same speaker on ebay. Mine are the 4 ohm and that might play a part in the sound. If you can find a pair cheap it's certainly worth a listen. Previously I was using Advent 500s, they have a band pass sub built into the base of the speaker and they sound good, but for some strange reason will not do bass as good as these little Phillips. Advents are 8 ohm. Now I don't know if these Phillips will sound good with anything else, but they sure do with my setup.
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