Surprising Output from a "budget" project

Hi Guys,

I put a subwoofer together with only two intentions. First I wanted a stealth box. We didn't have a fireplace in this room, but we wanted one. Luckily, my buddy found an electric fireplace that has a great looking "fake" flame. From 10ft away, you would never know it wasn't a real fire. This thing cost us $79 with the wood frame. My wife and I came up with the idea of making a hearth for it out of the subwoofer cabinet.

Now I am working on getting rid of the wooden casing and building a custom fireplace using the same ceramic tiles. On top of this will be our 50" TV (right now it is sitting on the fireplace). I am also building the whole wall in as equipment rack and bookshelves, but for now I am enjoying listening to this thing.

The subs are $49 pioneer 15" and the amp was the Dayton $59 (75W?) plate amp that was on sale a while back.

I really wasn't expecting much from this. It is a sealed enclosure that is down-firing and I cut a vent in the front for sound to get out from. I ran the numbers through WINISD and it modeled OK as a 4th order band pass, but I underestimated the idea of it coupling to the floor.

All that said, this thing rocks! We watched a couple movies and listened to a lot of music over the weekend. For only $250 or $300 (including the ceramic tiles and grout etc) this thing is shaking the house down. We watched War of the Worlds and 300 this weekend and it absolutely gets off even down low with WOW. I couldn't be happier. I kept thinking I would have to redo all of this and build something far better, but I may not have to do that after all! lol

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GM said:
Very nice, reminiscent of the false stage subs used in many higher end front projection DIY HTs and you're right, high mass/floor loading the LFE channel is where it's at HT IMO.


Thanks for the compliments.

"High Mass" you say? It took 3 grown men to move this thing the 3 feet from where we finished it to where it sits now. I hope I never blow a speaker in it! I am guessing it weighs a good 400 lbs! I have to admit, it is one of the cleanest sounding subs I have ever had. I sort of wish I had spent the money on better equipment, but it sounds so good, I can't feel too bad. I am going to build the wall in around it all the way to the ceiling so it will really look like a custom HT when I am done. In the process I intend to make the pieces on top of the sub so that I can take them down and get to it just in case I either blow one or in case I decide to go back and put some real power and heavier drivers in it.

Watched "Harry Potter" last night with the new seats in the room. Man this thing transfers sound through the floor and right up your spine.

I am sure "proud pappa syndrome" will wear off eventually and I will want to mess with it, but I am one happy camper for now.

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Oh, for the record, my wife had as much to do with the design and construction as I did. I love her!
Hi Guys,

Here are a few more pics of the current set up. I am going to rebuild the whole front wall to flush the TV and redo the fireplace. This should also add some color to the room since it is rather monochromatic right now. I am going to add shelves at both ends for lots of reasons.

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She really likes to watch reruns of "Benji!" lol