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Surplus Parts Wanted (Aleph 4)

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I am in need of parts for the Aleph 4. These include:

1. Transformer => 38-42V 500VA Min 2QTY
2. Caps => Large and lots
3. IRFP240 QTY24(matched) OR QTY50(Unmatched)
4. heatsinks => Large and lots

Preferably sellers in Queensland or Australia. Please inlcude details of parts\cost ect.


You will be very lucky to get this sort of stuff surplus ....... if I find any, I won't tell you, sorry ;)

For the FETs try: http://www.supportcomponents.com.au

They are less than half the price from Farnell etc.

Toroids, try Harbuch electronics in Sydney. You will have to have them made I suspect.

For heatsinks try Conrad via Printed Electronics (the link to heatsinks is currently broken)


Large caps ...... if you ever find a cheap source in Oz, do drop me a line :)


Parts for the Aleph 4

Hi Brent,

For the transformer, you better look at http://www.tortech.com.au/. Tel: (02) 9642-6003, Fax: (02) 9642-6127.
I have purchased from them and the quality is pretty good. If I were you, I will use 625 VA instead of 500 VA considering the price differences is not too much.
For the other parts, I couldn't give you any information because I found it in here (Indonesia).
Frankly, I have 48 (matched) IRFP240 but I will use it for my next project Aleph 1.2 :D

Kind regards
48 (matched) IRFP240, wow, I envy you. I am still struggling to get my 80 pcs for matching($$$$), and wonder if I can get 24 matched for Aleph 4.

MF, you have drop your cheers to regards, and .. kind regards.....
If because of my big mouth of trying to be helpful without checking the facts and causing ........, I apologize, hopefully learn to be more tackful in public forum.

Concerning the the output layout of Aleph 4, I find out the small "s" is connected to only one of the parallel mosfets. Is it a deliberately done( not neccesary to connect to the rest of the mosfet or sound better or...) or the original design is like this?

Sorry! I didn't know about the manufacturing-date on those caps. As you perhaps know the new ones to Kasra did go directly to him without my opening the original box from Rifa... So actually I don't know when they were made because I never looked at them. But I can assure you that the ones that I have for sale are made nov 01. I have checked them all after your last answer :)
But as you say - it doesn't matter much. And if Kasra want to change them he got to those standing here just tell him to send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to switch them!
I don't like the idea that people buing from me are unhappy with what they get. Always complain and you can of course return the goods and get the money back if not satisfied!!!


The price that Josef offers is "löjlit" cheap.... so i really dont mind at all ;)

I then years i hope to have build so many amps that so i can higher the bias on the alephs and use them as heating radiators.

Josef, did you get the pics of my homemade speakers?
I attached it in an email, perhaps the file was to big?

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