Surface Noise Reduction Circuits

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the group having just joined yesterday. This is an old subject that might have been discussed previously, but I would like to solicit your views and advice on the subject.

All of us die hard analogue nuts all suffer from suface noise-itis, the constant crack and popping sounds that occur on our treasured vinyl as the music is reproduced. Even though we all painstakingly go to lengths to clean our records before playing them, we cannot overcome the occassional pop or crack which is quite annoying in the middle of a musical programme.

In the past to counter these effects, some manufacturers have come up with some pretty interesting electronics dubbed as "Impulse Noise Reduction Units", "Surface Noise Reducers", "Music Recovery Systems" etc. etc. etc.

The most famous of these units were probably the SAE-5000, Garrard MRM-101 and the Esoteric Sound Surface Noise Reducer. The latter I believe is still available for around US$400.00.

I have played with DNR systems and the SAE-5000 with some success, but alas sold these sometime ago. I am now thinking of building such a unit but would like to hear from anyone who has done so in the past and who has the information, such as circuit diagrams and pcb layout to share.

Would love to hear views on the same.

My present analogue system comprises a Technics SP-10 with SAEC WE-308, a Micro Seiki RX-3000 with a FR-64, SME-3009 Mk 2 and a Denon DA-307.

Analogue electronics for phono include Audiolab 8000 mc/mm phono stage, Korsun u3i (aka Red Rose Music mc/mm phono stage) and a home built mc/mm dual-mono bloc class A phono stage with independant power supply.


Hi Steve

IME even if the devices you mention are effective in noise removal there is always a steep price to pay in reduced transparency. Some arm/cart combos and a good phono pre can go a long way in making the vinyl noise less objectionable.

Sacrilegious as it may sound DSP is likely the best way to go if removal of surface noise is a priority.
ADC for Surface Noice Removal

Hi Analog SA,

Didn't see your name posted on the message? You may well be right about using an analog to digital conversion to remove surface noise artifacts, I have thought of this but have found so far no circuits or stand alone units (outside of professional units) that consumers can try in the home.

Have you seen any ADC boxes available?


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.