Supply store in NYC

Just moved to the Bronx. Unfortunately, in the move one of the channels in my 41hz amp 5 is now dead, though I think its just a loose connection. Probably need some new wiring, and may want a terminal strip er whatever they call those things you solder to a pcb and then screw down on a wire. If anyone has suggestions for a supply shop in the NYC area, I'd be thrilled.

Other than Leeds Electronics in Brooklyn I have no idea. They have a website - try Google.

The problem you are facing is the area of Manhattan that used to be known as "Radio Row" was torn down to build some office towers in the 1970's - you may have heard of them - the World Trade Center.

There may be something left on 45th St between 5th and 6th Avenues, but, I doubt it.

By around 1980 parts became really hard to source in NYC.


2004-07-09 6:52 pm
Pro audio stores, Sam Ash, Dale Pro Audio.

You can get raw cable, connectors, and some other useful parts at the pro audio shops, but I haven't been able to find a store that sells IC's, capacitors, etc. Newark and digi-key deliver very quickly and would probably be the best way to get the parts you need.

Manhattan Electronics on 45th bet 5&6 has a decent selection (they might be gone as google doesn't see them anymore), though it's mostly CB radio supplies. Expect to pay many times what the parts are worth. Last time I was there a generic LED was $5 each and a mini toggle was $12. Otherwise, as others have said the usual mail order suppliers are your friend.