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hey im very new, i just discovered DIY audio yesterday, and i am amazed at what some people have come up with. i am now thinking of creating my own based upon the ME2, or something that i can fit in my very confining room with very clear mids and highs, bass doesnt matter much to me, it just has to be there, no real preference. i am also rather young (17) and inexperienced with electronics such as circuitry, i was wondering where a good place to start would be, to learn how crossovers work and such, also could anybody refer a good set of speakers to me? i want them to completely overshadow my boring klipsch 2.1 THX speakers, which have sloppy mids, but respectable highs to me, so any ideas on which kit to select?
o ya, and the speakers will be used primarily to listen to classical music, so i want something with very good image, and also, im on a rather confining budget, maybe 400-500 tops for the speakers w/amp, the reason i want to build these is im getting an SACD player soon and i want speakers that will express it fully, not just halfly like my klipschs would
just a trace: since you already have clear ideas about wich 'software' to play and other important parameters, why don't you listen to some commercial speaker, in order to say 'I like the sound of XXX or YYY': that would help the 'club' in recommending components and configuration.

I would suggest some good small speakers of different 'philosophy' (all should be quite different from your Klipsch); the idea is not to list the 'best over all' but a fairly complete range of the interpretation of 'well sounding small speaker' concept.

- ProAC Tablette (4"woofer, very clear and bright, great image and soundstage, too much hyperdefined for some people)

- LS3/5a (BBC monitor spec, built by several British mfg like KEF, Rogers, Spendor etc.)
The milestone of mini-monitors. Old project, old components, limited in power handling and freq resp. extension, low sensibility.
Someone hates them, many swears that is the non-plus-ultra.
For me, whitin their limits, they sound simply MAGIC.

- Sonus Faber Signum
Sweet and musical, hope they are distributed in CA

- Snell K5
Don't know it really, I do remember the previous model and it was great.
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PassFan said:
More bass out of a smaller package.

Properly done -- Not Smaller. Better bass. Deeper Bass. Better damped bass -- the 1/4 wave resonance damps the woofers impedance peak. Flatter impedance. More open mids -- fewer reflections back through the cone. A low pressure system, in a naturally braced box for lower box coloration.

There is a large space of possible t-lines. Only a small subset work well. Fortunatly there is now software to fairly accurately model a t-line (start here) and get you a good starting point.

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