Sunvalley SV-Pre1616D Point to Point Prject

Sunvalley SV-Pre1616D 115/230 version (point to point pre-amp project)
Made in Japan (Nagoya)

SunValley SV-Pre1616D Tube Line Stage Kit Review | Wall of Sound | Audio and Music Reviews
AVAILABLE now $900.00

EQ1616D Phono Amp

- 12 AX 7 JJ ECC 82/12 AU 7 
- 12 AX 7 GD 12 AU 7

- Mullard CV 4003/12 AU 7 (3 matched) SOVTEK 5 AR 4

You can use the following combination

① 12 AX 7 - 12 AX 7 - 12 AX 7 (Sharp and high contrast)
* Standard combination (SV - 722 Marantz type and same circuit)

② 12 AX 7 - 12 AX 7 - 12 AU 7 (Skeletal feeling and entity feeling of medium low range)
* SV - 722 Mckin type sound image Reproduced

③ 12 AU 7 - 12 AU 7 - 12 AU 7 (round and resonate rich)
※ Featuring a rich overtone feeling of the SV - 310 series

Input: 4 lines [Input 4 can be changed to USB input (option)]
Input Volume: Yes

frequency response: 15 Hz ~ 70 kHz (-3 dB)
gain: 15 dB

size: 250W, 225D, 135H (mm ) ※ including protrusions
weight: 3.6 kg


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Sun Valley SV-Pre1616D Build results

I saw Victor at THE SHOW, its always great to see what new things he has cooked up.
He didnt have the kit on hand.. didnt want to ship me a kit with instructions in Japanese.
After seeing the schematic and the numbers in English I knew I could do it.
Anyone who has built a dynaco can do this.
The PS on the PCB is awesome... the rest is point to point and simple instructions gets it done.
I did 1 upgrade, I swapped the stock Vol pot for an Alps of the same value. Super ease to source. I did try and use my own RCA but would have had to open the holes. In the end it was easier to use the kit as shipped.

Sonics... this is a real winner. Very detailed and quite. Its a Tube Pre with a GZ34 rectifier so may not have the SS speed but it was bought for its tone!

This is Japanese audio at its finest... if you think purest is the right direction.


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The 8500 doesn't regulate the filament supply. There is a dropping resistor, iirc, though the BZs might overheat it. Hard to say. The BZ is a high Mu tube. The 8500 is designed for low to medium Mu tubes.

In the SunValley V3 position (output cathode follower) a low to medium Mu tube, say 12AU7 or 12AT7 might be the better bet.

ERYN's PRE 1616

Hi Victor,

Just let you know the SV-Pre1616D finally finished. This P2P is quite straightforward to assemble, the instruction manual has a clear layout of each step, luckily I manage to get it done. The only challenge is to fit in all my upgrade parts, the bigger size resistors and oversize Mundorf film capacitors need quite a bit time to test fit before final installation. Upgrades parts:
NKK DPST power switch
Mundorf film capacitors
Takman REX75 carbon film resistors' & higher wattage resistors for PSU board
Nichicon capacitors
SS rectifiers use UF4007 instead of stock 1N4007s.
PTFE 9P tube sockets
IEC inlet with ground
a revised power supply board

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No problem. Life's too short to hurry thru it.

Did you use the SUT internal to your preamp or did you stay with the FET for MC cartridges?
If you did use the SUT (Lundahl LL9226) was hoping you might post a pic of the installation of same.


Hi gpdavis2,

I'm only using the preamp for now, probably will get the EQ1616 from Victor and try the SUT.