Sunvalley SV-EQ1616D -coming soon

Sunvalley SV-EQ161D (phono) March 2020 + SV-PRE1616D(Line Amp) available April 2019

Coming Soon

Circuit type: CR type phono equalizer
· Input: 2 lines
· Output: 1 line (STEREO / MONO switchable)
· Corresponding cartridge: MM (47 kΩ), MC (50 Ω)
· MC boosting: FET head amplifier - Gain: MM 36 dB to 40 dB, MC + 25 to 32 dB (determined by trial production)
· Vacuum tube: Amplification stage: 12 AX 7 (2), Kasoforo stage: 12 AX 7, 12 AU 7, 12 AT 7 can be selected arbitrarily
· Rectifier: Standard / Diode Module, Option / Various Rectifier Tube (5AR4, 274B, 5R4 etc can be used)
· Turn-over frequency adjustment: Switchable type (corresponding to RIAA, EU type SP board, US type SP board, AES, NAB, COLUMBIA etc.)
 * Not only the turnover frequency but also the low frequency characteristics can be adjusted simultaneously for each EQ curve
· High-pass roll off adjustment: ON / OFF selection formula (ON: Continuously variable RIAA and other various curves)

For exterior (chassis size), it is the same as SV - Pre 1616D.

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