Sunn Powered Mixer? PA Twelve?

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Anyone ever hear of a Sunn PA Twelve? I picked one up in well used state, but functioning and can't find jack on it. Anyone know? The guy thought it was tubes, but with it instant on, it can't be. 200w/channel at least. I will play around with it, might be fun. Got it to have something I can easier bench test stuff I am working on or repairing. Need some schematics and possibly sources for parts. Thanks!
PA amp input

Lots of PA amps have multiple option input boards, which sometimes get lost. Inside they connect with a pin header or something. Here is a link for a louisville craigslist $15 input module for a crown. The guy is selling below the boardless amp he bought it for, presumeably, only it was the wrong one. A DIYer should be able to adapt something like that with an adapter plate and maybe an adapter harness. I find schematics sometimes on Input boards typically are a couple of op amps, a couple of pots, some capacitors, a couple of input jacks. Good luck.
Thanks, I haven't even found anything that proves it exists yet, let alone a manual. It seems to work and is quite powerful. Has a spring reverb in it, effects and monitor send, as well as the 200w/ch amp (4 ohms) as indicated on the back. I have it plugged into a Yamaha monitor speaker now, it will drive it hard if I push it up a bit, but the fam all yells at me if I do... Funny, kids of my generation couldn't get it loud enough, my kids hate anything turned up loud... Seems soooo strange in some ways!
How are you getting noise in and out? You must have some sort of connectors? I was going to add, some serious pro mixers take a serial digital datastream and decommutate it and present it to the sliders- I hope for your sake it is not one of those. Does it have a USB led sensor or plug or something for digital input? That might not be useful in a home environment.
note google search comes up with this, don't know if they will help you for free or pay, but at least somebody has seen one:

  1. Sunn Schematics

    Sunn P.A. Twelve (PA12 Mono) PA Mixer-Amplifier Service Manual Contents: Schematics, Product Picture / Illustration, Introduction / Features, Specifications ... - Cached - Similar
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Oh no, this is 80's if not 70's board. USB or digital mixers were not even a concept yet. It is std XLR and 1/4" in and 1/4" only out. Faders are in pretty bad shape, they work, but are stiff and the master if you lean it left/right it goes to full gain. Gonna be a fun one.... Not sure if I trust that, they have a LOT of stuff on there that they SELL that is still on the support page of the manufacturer websites. So them selling electronic copies is probably illegal. But just them selling stuff that you can get from the company makes me distrust them. And I do wonder if they really have the manual or not....
Google business

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