2011-08-19 12:35 am
I have Magenpalanr 20's. Pretty happy except no response below 30Hz in my 20' X 15' X 9' rectangular room that empties into a hallway

I have read most of the posts but much is beyond my technical understanding.

I do have a friend who builds commercial cabinets, furniture, etc. He has CMC machines, tools, saws, software to calculate volume in an enclosure (seems useful), etc and the ability to build anything. aNd people who will do it.

I/we can follow directions. Cost, with in reason, not an issue - $500-1000 for components, etc would be doable. More perhaps.

Enclosure cost would be nominal presuming wood/plywood/MDF.

Labor cost not an issue

Would like to keep size reasonable - say not more than 2'x2'X2' - or equivalent - ie not 5' feet tall, for example. Speaker can go in corner or out 3-4 feet from corners

So is there a kit/kit design/project that might meet my specifications? Has someone already done this?

Goal is to enhance the Maggies at the extreme low end only - not necessarily replace the bass of the Maggies (with which I am happy except for the absence of about 30-> 20 Hz or thereabouts) - jsut some extreme low end augmentation without screwing things up

Thanks for suggestions
A pair of those new 18"ers, plus suitable amplification and eq would probably fit the bill nicely.

Might be a little overkill, but would get the job done without trying.

I'd still advise crossing over the Maggies. That way, you're not running them into distortion by shoving frequencies in that they can't play.


2011-08-19 12:35 am
I am really just looking for a "solution."

If it is complex to build, that would be ok

Kits are OK but if someone has a better solution of

1) this driver
2) this size/type/design box of these dimensions with this bracing
driven by
3) this amp and xover

That would be fine

Ie, a "Project" someone has already worked out that I am just copying.