Suggestions for first project needed

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I would appreciate a steer on ideas for a first project for Single ended valve/tube amp in the 6w range, in a room4m by 3m (13ft by 10ft) approx. The music I listen to is a mix of 60's (Doors, Hendrix etc through to classical, Blues). It needs to be fairly simple on the wood working front so no complex horns. The Benchmark will be a comparison with my mid 60's wharfedales & vintage 9w push pull amp. I really like the look of the Metronome but would they be sensitive enough? & which flavour (driver?). The Zigmahornet also looks straightforward but the feedback on here seems to say it's not really got the poke?
First Project.

With your room, wattage, and wish to keep it simple, I belive that the Fostex 126e may be the driver for you. A little more sensitive that it's shielded brother the FE127e and most of the Tang Bands. For simple designs, check out the DIY Audio Fullrange Project thread . Look for the 126e ML-Voit pipes that Planet 10 did. Look like a nice simple design to cut your teeth on.

I'm sure other's will chime in too. With the size room you have the 8"s from Fostex or Audio Nirvana may be too much. If you can fit them in your budget they may be worth a shot. They are usually a bit more sensitive.
If your mid 60's wharfedales are like mine, an 8" RSDD driver in a DP enclosure, unscrew the back, whip out the driver, buy a sheet of 3/4 Ply, cut in half and mount the drivers somewhere off centre. Tolvan will give you more precise recommendations. Stand ~3-4 ft from back wall and play some music. This might be a revelation. If it is, goto MJK's website and follow the links to the 2 driver Open baffle project. have a look at this and work out what it might cost you...
It's money well spent!
I should have mentioned that width is also an issue...can't go much over 14" wide per cabinet so I think open Baffles are out. My wharfedales are a 15" unit in a sealed enclosure with a 5" & 3" on top of the cab firing into wide dispersal aluminium half cones. 9w 15ohm drives them fine but my 6w 8ohm amp sounded thin. I'm reluctant to dismount the drivers as the cabs are in good condition & they aren't full range. Thanks for the driver recommendation.
Are these Airdales the?
If so, you may have to go a long way to better them!

If you still want to progress, have a look at the MJK new worksheet thread. Post 413 by ronc may interest you given the nature of your restrictions. You still need to like what OB's do to bother tho'!
I'd avoid the Zigma -it's an old design & bass is certainly not what it does well.

Yes, a pair of Metronomes or MLTLs will have enough sensitivity to use with your amps, and as you want simple, they're a good bet for a small room. As you're into rock, I'd look at one of the 6 1/2in to 8in units. Or possibly, a pair of mFonkens with the 127 (see the P10 site) with their new supporting woofers which are currently in the works.
Of course. I doubt many people have the ability to mitre a 70in panel like Terry did so the majority of the boxes out there (possibly all of them) will be either butt or end lap jointed.

As for drivers, I'd look at the FF165K for a relatively affordable unit (though it does benefit from a supertweeter brought in over ~15KHz) or, more pricy, the FE168ESigma. You will be a happy man, whichever.
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