Suggestion on chip (IC) preamplifier


2016-02-07 8:40 pm
I am currently working on a digital measurement tool school project.
Which will utilize a microphone to pick up a signal (chirps, PRN etc) and fed it into an ADC of a MCU for further processing.

I'm using the following mic: ATR3350 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone || Audio-Technica US

From initial testing (with out a pre-amp), I noticed that the signal picked up by the mic is mostly Noise + the actual signal (weak).

So, I am looking to build a front-end for my mic to eliminate noise and bring the desired signal up to line level. I have come across various audio op amps, some even being "Ultralow noise".
These are the pre-amps ICs that I am currently looking at:

Please leave your suggestion on which IC I should be using and/or circuits examples (e.g. spec sheets) that I can take a look at for a starting point.


2010-06-09 2:32 pm