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Hello Folks, A few years ago I picked up a pair of these from PE as a buyout item. 299-085 was PE's Stock #. They claimed the drivers were originally designed for use in a "High-end" Studio Monitor Subwoofer. Here are the specs as quoted from PE...
Specifications: * Power handling: 200 watts RMS/285 watts max * Voice coil diameter: 2" * Voice coil inductance: 5 mH * Impedance: 8 ohms * DC resistance: 5.8 ohms * Frequency response: 28-200Hz * Fs: 28 Hz * SPL: 91 dB 1W/1m * Vas: 3.99 cu.ft. * Qms: 11.07 * Qes: .33 * Qts: .32 * Xmax: 7.5mm * Net weight: 13 lbs
Because I am essentially lazy this time of year, I have not yet tested the drivers for specs. For the sake of example, If we were to consider PE's specs accurate, what sort of application do you think could best utilize this driver? Looking for the deepest bass extension without too negatively compromising fidelity. So far I'm looking at a vented box of about 3cu.ft., with an f3 of around 35Hz. Can they do better? Thanks for reading. -discreteouts


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Judging by the specs you posted, I would think subwoofer use would be best because of the 5 mH inductance-that's pretty high for anything other than a sub or a woofer that will be crossed over fairly low to a 4 or 5 inch mid.

I think vented would be the way to go for lowest F3, but 3 cu ft is awfully large for a 35 Hz cutoff.

One alternative would be to make a sealed box of 1 cubic foot internal volume for use as a subwoofer with two small satellites. The F3 will be fairly high at 63 Hz but since it is sealed with only a 12 db/octave rolloff it will seem to go lower than a vented box of similar F3. You'll get a nice bottom in a small box which can be hidden out of the way, and the two satellites won't take up much room. The 91 dB sensitivity especially suits it for sub use with two satellites, since that is several dB's higher than most subs put out. No problems with one sub keeping up with two satellites.
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