Suggested Reading?

I was on the hunt for a GOOD acoustics text. Maybe not JUST for loudspeakers, but acoustics in general. I bought one that is a little over my head and needed a good explains everything but doesn't go too heavy on the wave equation derivations text for a go between.

I figured i would look around on here. Didn't seem to find any threads related to the topic so I figure I would start one.

What are your must have books for speaker design and acoustics? I am seeing a long list here.....keep'em coming. Thanks guys.

Non-math, qualitative:

Master Handbook of Acoustics by Everest

Physical acoustics, moderate on math:

Fundamentals of Acoustics by Kinsler and Frey
Acoustics by Baranek (really good for EE perspective)


Theoretical Acoustics by Morse and Ingard

Great for understanding specific topics:

AES Journal articles
Harman white papers