Suggest a preassembled amp board for cheap cheap computer speaker build?

I'm going to start off by saying that I am way out of my depth on this forum. I have no experience designing or building components from scratch. I do have enough practice soldering that I've been able to do a few DIY projects from kits. (made my own theremin back in the day, added a voltage regulating circuit to a little tube guitar amp, things like that.)

I've been reading about class D and class T amps and I'd like to try to put together a little amp to power a pair of unused speakers to use in my garage workshop or maybe to replace the cheapo speakers I have hooked up to my computer. I like to do it on the cheap.

I have a 19V 3.4A power supply that I picked up for free.

I'm thinking I'll use something like this : [IMGHTTPSDEAD][/IMGHTTPSDEAD] for a case. I throw away half a dozen of them at work each week.

The last piece of the puzzle is which board to get. I could potentially assemble it myself if there is a good kit, but I'd prefer to just get a preassembled board to wire up. I'd like for it to include a volume control.

I was thinking of boards based on TPA 3116, 3118, 3123 etc, but I just don't feel like I have enough knowledge 1)to choose the appropriate chip and 2) to choose a board that is made with parts of at least passable quality. I want cheap, but I don't want absolute junk. That said, if there's something that is very cheap and just needs to have a couple things added or swapped to make it better/more reliable, it's certainly within my ability level to make a couple little changes (if someone can instruct me what the appropriate changes might be.)

I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
Finished my first thingy. Happy with it! Sounds fine.