Suffing T-Line Speakers

Hi All,

I am building a pair of Transmission Line speakers.
I am following the basic rules of thumb, but have
come to the very grey area of stuffing...

I know wool fibre is very popular for stuffing, but
I have chosen polyester/Dacron for budgetary and
Availability reasons.

I have seen several sites on the web that give some
hints of stuffing with wool fibres (fairly lightly stuffed), but not much about Dacron. I have stated with a
lightly stuffed line and added stuffing to tighten up the
bass (to my ear).I know that using Dacron requires more
stuffing that wool, but am worried that I am over stuffing
it. The stuffing is getting quite tight/squashed in.

I am however quite happy with the sound!

Any help greatly appreciated.



diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State

Have you taken any measurements on your bass? Use your computer as a speaker tester. This site has links to programs so you can see how much and how smooth bass you are getting out of your transmission line. Look around the net and see other places for test equipment if these don't suit.

Good luck!