Successful F6 Build, from newbie, great experience

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I built an Amp Camp Amp a few months back, and other than soldering in a couple of wrong resistors that I caught before firing it up it went well and has had no issues.

I then ordered an F6 kit and as I started trying to understand the process of ordering the right parts, where to source them from and various other questions I posted on this forum. I was surprised at how helpful a couple seasoned members were, immediately reaching out to set a call with me and to provide guidance. In particular Jim,- "SLS6" and Patrick- "Itsallinmyhead".

My first call with Patrick was over two hours and he carefully walked me through how to order the parts through Mouser, helped with ordering various bits and pieces that he'd learned would be useful, explained a lot of the build, the amp, the design etc. He even helped with print outs of grounding schemes, the transformer wiring, barrier blocks etc. invaluable help.

I placed the order and once all parts (I'd ordered the PSU and amp boards, chassis from this site) arrived Patrick spent a few hours over several weekends guiding me through assembly, double checking my work, my solder joints (flagging a few that were questionable) and giving great advice in terms of what to do when etc. I was using the excellent Illustrated Build Guide that Jim has on the site -invaluable as a reference tool.

Last weekend the amp was wired and laid out on my bench ready to be tested with the Dim Bulb I built from instructions on this site too. We tested the PSU, and then each amp board, then all of it together with no issues. This weekend we set Bias and Offset, an intimidating area where some folks have had some problems with devices smoking / frying. We methodically worked through the process on both boards with no issues, then I bolted the amp up in the case to run for a coupe of hours, went back in to fine tune Bias and Offset again (they hadn't drifted much at all) and then I closed it up after drilling the face plate for the handles and spending a little more time that I would have though on the feet (I ended up drilling out the holes on the bottom plate of the cabinet and the corresponding wholes on the chassis rails, then used larger and longer sheet metal screws to run through the feet into the chassis.

Checking the heat sinks with an infrared tester it reads 93 degrees after running for two hours. No ground hum, no mechanical hum, no clicks or thumps when turning it on either and sounds great on the test speakers I've used. I'll run it with "real" speakers this weekend and expect it'll sound great.

If anyone is entertaining building one or similar, my experience with the forum and these two gents was stellar, Patrick was fantastic, patient and helpful- made it a great experience! after a few more builds I plan to pay it forward. Photos attached here.


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Congratulations acowans, I love my F6 (somewhat more than my M2s).
The combo B1 Korg and F6 is a great match to my Altec Lansing A5 VOTs.
I also tested this combo on some BBC LS3/5a clones I built for my daughter and for a smaller room that is a dream system. You could listen to any genre for days on end regardles of source (digital, LP). Rich tone, large soundstage, engaging, detailed and best of all no listening fatigue at all.
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