Subwoofers by Location

Although I've been tinkering with Unity horns for nearly a decade, I've only heard the 'real' thing twice. Due to this, I thought it might be beneficial to put together a list of locations where one can hear their favorite gear.

This thread is not intended to be Danley-specific; if you're interested in listening to another manufacturers gear, please add to the list.

For my first post, I'm going to list gear in my home state.

State: WA
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Location : Iowa

  • Union Bar, Iowa City Iowa (four Danley SH-50 and two Danley SH-96 full-range loudspeakers split equally on both sides of the stage for true stereo playback whenever the DJ’s setup allows it. Four Danley TH-115 subwoofers reside with the full-range boxes on top of the stage. Below the stage, two Danley TH-221 “Cine-Monster” subwoofers deliver crushing (but remarkably accurate) bass down to 22 Hz.)

Live Sound: Danley Loudspeakers Chosen For Hot Bar In Iowa City - Pro Sound Web
Location: Alberta (Canada)

^^^ if you've never heard a wall of 18Sound subwoofers with a pile of amplifiers, you're missing out :)
Location: Utah
  • Tuacahn Ampitheater
    Like a “miniature Red Rocks” nestled amid the raw scenic splendor of Southwest Utah, Tuacahn Amphitheater is an outdoor venue that hosts off-Broadway theatrical runs, as well as national and regional musical acts. The nearly 2,000-seat venue occupies the end of a red rock box canyon and draws visitors from nearby communities, as well as escapees from Las Vegas. Because the shows at Tuacahn – which have included Tarzan, Grease, Cats, and Annie, – are held to the very highest artistic and technical standards, patrons oblivious to the clean Utah air, starry sky, and scenery might mistake a Tuacahn experience for a show in New York City or London. Recently, Tuacahn rounded out that experience with powerful, authentic, low end delivered by two Danley Sound Labs TH-812 subwoofers."

Danley Loudspeakers | Danley Sounds Labs Tuacahn Amphitheater | Danley Sound Labs, Inc.

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2011-01-07 5:59 am
Location: New York, NY
Montreal, Canada

EAW Bertha with the hugee mouth extensions also called Levan's. custom made by GSA, SBS, Richard Long etc.
Beasts of Subs. 96x42 mouths.

Stereo Nightclub in Montreal has a few. (3 or 4)
District 36 in NYC has 4. Powered by (4) 5000w rms amps.