Subwoofer stopped working - is it worth fixing?

I have a question about this subwoofer and whether or not it can be fixed. I hooked it up to my Yamaha reciever and it was working. Then I calibrated the Ypao sound settings and it wasn't recognizing the sub. I turned the off auto on switch a few times to see if it would turn on. I could see the red off light was on. It turns green when on.

By moving the off auto on switch I could hear a crackling sound and poof a small amount of smoke came out the back above the heat sink.

Can this be fixed? Is it worth it? Is this brand worth fixing? It's really nice looking and solid and I'm sure the speaker itself is in good shape.

What does anyone else think? Can it be fixed? Does it have any value? Thanks


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You can't be sure the speaker is good until you check it, and the amount of smoke doesn't always correspond with how many parts are shot.
Anything can be fixed if schematics and parts are available and you know how to do the repairs without electrocution or causing more damage.
With new 250 watt plate amps going for as little as $150, only you can answer whether it's value is worth investing time and money in.
You can see what's inside in this thread: