Subwoofer advice please


I've had good luck building sonosubs (google sonosub). Lots of info here and on the web, little cabinetry to do (just need to build endcaps and cut the ports.

Output can be prodigious if built correctly. Downside is they can be quite large...

John L.
Does conventional mean old? How about these?


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I'll take a stab,

This will boil down to a few questions that need to be answered before you begin. First, what is the sub's intended use? Music, HT, Live performance, club?
If music, what do you listen to.
If HT what are you after? Low Low frequency reproduction or bottom end fill?
What is the WAF? Is size going to be a limiting factor?
What are your wood working skills and what tools do you have available?
Likely as important as any question will be what is your budget like?

I just built a super cheap sub that could be done considerably cheaper without the ceramic tiles and I am very happy. It isn't super fast and certainly won't mix well with my full range towers, but it wasn't meant to. It was meant to be an HT bottom end fill in sub. (note* not intended to do 15hz). It did exactly what I wanted and more. Granted it's pretty big and VERY heavy.

Conventional can go a long way depending on your purposes. Give us some input and I am sure you will get lots and lots of ideas. If you look through all the subwoofer pages on the net, you will find a ton of great designs to build and as many or more to buy. Can you build better for less? I would say yes. But then, I am a builder.

Keep us posted on your search

Take care,