Subs wont go louder pass 10:00 setting


2005-03-14 7:25 am
My sub is connected via loudspeaker level into a crossover then into an amp. When I turn up the volume pass the 10 o'clock setting, the subs does not seem to go as loud as the main speakers, I get balance levels from 0 to the 10'0clock, but anything pass the 10'oclock and the subs does not seem to go louder. I would need to adjust the volume knob on the subwoofer amp to increase the subs volume...

So what could be wrong ?


Ex-Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
Ahhh...surround should be ok then

There is this thing called "power compression"...the level of power where driver looses SPL

I see that the Kef is rated 35watt power handling, which isnt that might be it

I take it that you stay within the limited Xmax of +/-6mm(12mm p-p)

No sensivity(SPL) listed, but being a Kef I suppose its low, which means you "eat" the 35watt faster

It may also be partly due to severe coneflex...soft polycone

Or it may be your amp/powersupply

Or the unfortunate sum of it all together

Easy cure...dont play so fu##### loud