Subfoofer to complement a set of " Statements "

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Important to remain balanced (or to restore balance): when extending bottom, necessary to extend top too. No kidding.


The Fountek NeoCd3.0 used in the "Statements" the OP use HF response is about -3 dB at 40,000 Hz.

What would you suggest for "extending" the top end, do you think going another octave above audibility (80,000 Hz) would be enough to remain balanced ;) ?



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Doesn't the Marketing Department make really swell frequency response charts! They are soooo creative.*

OK, maybe you are right and the balance was total crap beforehand. Add a sub.

*I think I'd read neutral reviews (hint, hint) and trust my mic.
The tweeter response curve may have some smoothing applied, but I doubt Fountec would publish a curve that is not indicative of the general driver response, there are too many people with measurement equipment to fake curves and get away with it any more.

The OP has not stated his desired output level, nor complained of any lack of balance, but one can assume that he probably wants more LF SPL than the 2 eight inch speakers in each of the Statements can provide.

A desire for more LF does not mean the speaker's balance is off, it more likely indicates a preference for a "loudness contour" bass boost, from what I read the Statements are probably flat in a small room to around the mid 20 Hz range.
I too believe that the Statement's bass output is near to flat really low. And that is not what people are used to think as "good bass". Any good and really low-going subwoofer is a good supplement and gives you the ability to adjust the bass level to your taste - without spoiling the Statements.

With "any good" I mean really good and big - easy to make diy, but SVS has some potiential candidates too (tubes). Perhaps multisub system to take care of room modes?

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Try these searches with Google:
2X12" sub
2x15" sub
sonotube 15"
LLT 12"
LLT 15"

Other good forums:
HTGuide Mission impossible
Hometheatershack (download REW too! - you must know where you are!)
AVS Master Index of DIY Subwoofer Projects

Happy searches- have fun! I think that a big subwoofer with a good plateamp (or better with dsp control+power amp) has best possible benefit-cost ratio!

What is good bass to you? Do you like action movie or disco/techno music? Organs, full scale orchestral (Wagner etc.) Then a really low-going closed box is your choise (or LLT) Clubs/discos often have +10-20dB boost at 40-80Hz - then a horn loaded bandpass bassbox (not a subwoofer!) is the choice for you!
I think you're thinking of two 8Ω in parallel.
But...are the statements the big double MTM aka WMtMW as seen above ?
Aren't the ones with the equal drivers MMMMT ?
I was thinking of these, in two boxes
You guess the electrical ( and resulting pressure in sound ) connection
( series for a pair or mixed series/parallel for a double mono twin set !
each is 350 W ....)
And here is what Jim tells about bass of Statements:
"Bass: The bass capability of dual RS225's in a well tuned ported enclosure are well known. Very deep, tight bass that is extremely clean, is what you hear. F3 came out about 30 Hz so there nothing missing in the music I listen to. If you're in to pipe organ a sub might be necessary but other than that, bass is abundant and the kind of clean tight bass that allows you to hear the string vibrations of an acoustic bass yet still have enough kick down low to feel the bass hit your chest when appropriate."

Any conventional subwoofer would just spoil the quality of the bass. A really low xo is needed unless one uses bass management or AV amplifier's dsp/xo

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