Sub box specs help

Hi new to DIY and building speakers all together. My cabinetry skills far outshine my knowledge of building speakers. I am building a sub box for a home theater. I am however using a boston acoustics g1 10" car sub. Speaker choice opinions aside I have read that car audio boxes are spec'ed out differently because they go in your car. I built the recommended .5ft3 box and its ok, but just ok. I was looking to build band pass box or a box with passive radiation. I'm told not to do the rads though because of the Q rating. I'd love to go this way with a big radiator but if its unwise I won't. If not I am going to build a ported box. I'd like to build only one more box as this time it's going to get a veneer and finish. I'm attaching a link to. The spec page for the speaker, it is the g1104 model.

If anyone can help me find a good box size it would be great. I tried a calculator but it seemed like I did something wrong
Yep that is a design for a car and relies in cabin gain to get any low end.
For home use a large vented box (3cft) witha long port 5"x19" would work better.

Here is a simulation vs. the closed box.


wow... lol so no im not going to build that. i do have two rather large pieces of walnut. id like to build a big box out of them. two sides and then black vynil wrap around the center... any of this construction is not an issue for me.
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